Review: LEO KU's "Nobiko"

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Review: LEO KU's "Nobiko"

Post by Mavis » Mon Sep 27, 2004 7:42 am

Last time, it was the theme of video games. This time around it's a theme around comic character. "Nobiko" reminds me of why Leo Ku faded from the music scene a few years back. Despite his nice voice, some of the songs are just simply bland.

The first plug song in the album is track 1 "Nobiko", nice acoustic song that may have gotten more attention because of its title. The producers were thoughtful enough to have the original Cantonese voice of "Doraemon" to produce a Happy Ending version (track 10) but the dialogue was rather dumb.

The other 2 plug songs are track 2 "Love and trust" and track 4 "Hurt chases people". Quite frankly they are quite similar, ballads with a so-so first verse and all focus on the chorus.

Other songs in the album might be attractive if you are a fan of that comic/cartoon character. But the songs itself, I wasn't too impressed, especially the lyrics. Track 9 is "I'm a cat", which is the theme song for the Garfield movie, but how come the lyrics doesn't have any reference to lasagna? Lyric-wise, it's just a poor effort from Lam Chik.

Rating: 7/10

Track 1 "Nobiko"
Track 4 "Hurt chase people"
Track 5 "Touch"

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Post by Contrai » Tue Sep 28, 2004 2:11 am

I like at most 2 songs by Leo Koo, and that's really less. I mean, i like 10 songs even by Ekin Cheng for example, see the difference.

So, at this cd [ could just listen 1-5 ]:
1 is bad....
2 and 3 are okay [ 2 is better ], but bland in the best sense of meaning
and while reaching 4th and 5th i'm fall asleep

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