Music: ELLA KOON "Original"

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Music: ELLA KOON "Original"

Post by Mavis » Sat Sep 04, 2004 4:16 am

Ella made a name for herself when Sam Hui had her as one of the regular guests in his concerts. Coming from Tahiti (have fun looking up where that is, but for some reason a lot of Chinese live there), Ella has one of the better vocals among female newcomers this year.

"Original" is a very well produced album. The composers of the songs, like Paul Wong, Jun Kung, Eugene Pao are some the best musicians in the business.

First plug song in the album is track 2 "Going ashore", a song with the cool ocean feel that suits Ella well. The big hit has been track 3 "Level of horizon", a simple song that shows off Ella's good vocal.

Track 6 "Blue, white, red" is the most interesting song in the album. Written by Eugene Pao, "Blue, white, red" is a blues melody that's rarely seen in HK pop. Unfortunately Ella's vocal didn't fit quite well with the song. I think it would be a lot better if it was sung by a male singer.

"Original" also includes Ella's version of Sam Hui's new song "Continue to smile". Honestly, I hated that song...way too corny for the 21st century.

Music wise, "Original" is one of the better albums from a female newcomer this year, but I wonder if that would translate to some newcomer awards for Ella at year end.

Rating: 7.5/10

Buy the CD here

Track 1 - Things are most beautiful when they are far away
Track 2 - Going ashore
Track 3 - Level of horizon
Track 9 - How much can you love (Hustler version)

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