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Music: GIGI LEUNG "Ente'tein"

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Crazed Fan
Crazed Fan

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 9:27 am    Post subject: Music: GIGI LEUNG "Ente'tein" Reply with quote

Let me try my first album review under Mikey's format.

On straight translation, the title of Gigi's latest Canto album is "Entertaining Everyone". That's also the title of the first plug song (track 1). Interesting song given the fact that Gigi wrote it herself, the song arrangements include pieces from her old songs, and the lyrics were written by Andy Lau. Didn't quite like the lyrics at first, but after hearing Andy's explanation that they lyrics were HK style (e.g. the first line of the chorus), I was a little more forgiving.

The 2nd plug was "Northern Lights" (track 2), written by Edmond Leung. Very sweet song and probably the best song in the album. My favourite song is "Runaway Queen" (track 4) though. I like that feeling Gigi expressed in the song, written by Paul Wong.

Many other male singer/songwriters contributed to this album. Including:

Tats Lau (who rarely writes pop music) writing track 6 "Try everything everytime"
Sam Hui writing the lyrics of track 7 "Kiss my face" (the music sounds so much like Amanda Lee's old song "Living better than you" though).
Hins Cheung writing track 8 "Reasons & Consequences"

Overall this is not bad as a pop album. Personally I wish Gigi would've wrote more songs though, she seems to perform much better.

Rating 7.5/10

Buy the CD here

Track 2 "Northern Lights"
Track 4 "Runaway Queen"
Track 8 "Reasons & Consequences"
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