Music: S.H.E. "Magical Journey"

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Music: S.H.E. "Magical Journey"

Post by Mavis » Mon Mar 29, 2004 6:22 am

There's Twins in Hong Kong, and there's SHE in Taiwan. However, SHE's power is more than just Taiwan, evident by the recent signing session in HK, with over 1,000 fans attending.

This is there 6th album, and I think this is the best one yet, just because their producers have finally utilized all of their singing talents in this CD. Track 1 "Persian kitty" was the first plug song, but nothing really special. Track 3 "He still doesn't get it" is the hit now, a ballad that should be a hit in karaokes. By the way, Ella's intro is in Korean, if you didn't know. Track 8 "Nevermind" is another sad ballad that should touch off with SHE fans.

Track 2 "Enemies all around" makes great use of all 3 voices. Ella's low voice is a nice contrast to Selina and Hebe. The Chinese classical intro was also interesting. Track 4 "Only lonely" is very sweet, and Ella's low voice fit perfectly in the rap session. Track 9 "Tale of Romeo and Juliet"s lyrics combined the classic English love tale and Chinese's version of Romeo Juliet.

You can say what you want about idol groups, but SHE is as good as it gets. The only problem is that with all 6 albums so far being big hits, how can they keep this up?

Rating: 8.5/10

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Track 2 "Enemies all around"
Track 3 "He still doesn't get it"
Track 4 "Only lonely"
Track 8 "Nevermind"
Track 9 "Tale of Romeo and Juliet"

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