Music: GIGI LEUNG "I like"

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Music: GIGI LEUNG "I like"

Post by Mavis » Sun Aug 22, 2004 3:16 am

Usually I won't look forward to any compilation releases, but this one was different. Coming off several pretty good albums, I was looking forward to get the best of them through a compilation.

It's nice to see that Warner gave some thoughts into the album concept. The 2 CD new song + compilation includes 2 songs: one pleasant "Summer TV drama" (track 1, CD 1) and another sad song "Like you" (track 1 CD 2), and the compilation follows this logic. CD 1 "In Love" contains the more pleasant songs, like "Good times" (track 3), "I"ll be loving you" (track 14) and one of her first songs "Once upon a summer time" (track 12).

CD 2 "Out of love" are the sad songs, like "Cinderella" (track 2), "The luck of 2 people" (track 6) and "Love myself" (track 10).

Both new songs are average, the kind that you won't complain but isn't exactly a big hit. The album also comes with a VCD containing the MVs of the new songs.

If you haven't bought any of Gigi's albums before, this is the one for you.

Rating: 7.5/10

Buy the CD here

CD 1
Track 2 "Tale of tall girl"
Track 3 "Good times"
Track 12 "Once upon a summer time"
Track 16 "Day in day out"
Track 18 "Today"

Most tracks in CD 2[/url]

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