Suggested Guidelines for Posting Reviews

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Suggested Guidelines for Posting Reviews

Post by Mikey_ » Thu Feb 10, 2005 8:03 am

When posting reviews, please use the following guidelines:

For Album Reviews:

Subject: MUSIC: ARTIST NAME "Album Title"
Note the artist's name is in all caps.
Example: MUSIC: MICHAEL YUEN "I Can't Sing"

For Movie Reviews:

Subject: MOVIE: "Movie Title"
Example: MOVIE: "I Can't Act Either"

To help keep free, please post a link to purchase the product using the following HKSS referral codes (for and See an example review below. Note: has disabled the direct linking to its images.

The referral link for is: (see example below)

The referral link for is: ... m-20&path=address_of_item ( unfortunately requires you to modify the address_of_item part. See example below.)


Mavis reviewed an album by Ekin Cheng titled "Discovery". That album can be found on at Here's how the code would look like:

Code: Select all

[url=]Buy the CD here[/url]
For, let's assume the title can be found at: ... B000246GSE. That code would be as follows. Note that the part of the address was removed after the &path= part.

Code: Select all

[url=]Buy the CD here[/url]
Substitute "Buy the CD here" with "Buy the DVD here" if it's a DVD...

When reviewing a movie, use the following format if you are going to reveal any spoilers:

Describe what you need to say that would give part or all of the movie away.

End the review with your rating on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the best.

Follow the rating with a link to purchase the CD/DVD. Please don't forget to add the referral code to help keep the site free.

If reviewing an album, follow the rating with your Recommendations.

Remember, these are guidelines and following them are up to you. Here's an example of what an album review may look like (taken from by Mavis):


After wasting 2 (or more) years of his career at EEG doing nothing but collecting a hefty paycheque (isn't that nice?), Ekin is back. "Discovery" is his first album with his new (and former) record label BMG.

"Discovery" is a 2 CD new song + compilation that includes 4 new songs. CD 1 track 1 "In the hearts" is a very pleasant tune, kinda reflects Ekin's current feelings. The current plug song on radio is CD 2 track 1 "Internal injury", a rather typical Ekin ballad. The other 2 new tracks in the album are CD 1 track 2 "Thanks for your hard work" and CD 2 track 2 "Don't let me see him".

The compilation part covers pretty much all his old hits, from songs like "Days of friendship" (CD 1 track 3) to classic ballads like "Still loving deeply" (CD 1 track 13) and "Until sky and earh disappears" (CD 2 track 13).

Call me old school, listening to Ekin's oldies reminded me about how bad his singing was, but it's still better than many of the newcomes today.

Ekin doesn't release many compilations. "Discovery" is worth its price even just for the compilation part.

Rating: 7.5/10

Buy the CD here

CD 1 track 1 "In the heart"
CD 2 track 1 "Internal injury"
Almost all of the compilation part.